Rather than wait for a tipping point that may never come, we believe tipping points can be created.

By focusing on customer touchpoints and business automation, you can activate the latent opportunities across the lifecycle of your business.

Your business can then build momentum and break through previously unbreakable barriers.
Let's be real.  Scaling a business is not easy
Many business owners reach a point in their business where they cannot seem to do the necessary steps to take their business to a new level.  They know there is a heap of opportunity ahead, they may even know what to do, but despite their best efforts they are failing to achieve it.  Why?

Because there's only one you.  The Strategic Head. The Creator. The Manager. The Motivator. At the end of the day.... there's simply too much to do. 

What you need is a team of experienced, technology savvy, strategic thinkers who can also implement for you.

When you decide to engage the Hive team, we become an integral part of your business, working alongside you to achieve your business goals.

We carry your business with us through our day regardless of when we are working on a particular task ... because great ideas and strategy can spark at any time.

When you meet with us, there are four fully engaged brains working on your business strategy alongside you.  You are no longer creating, engineering and implementing in a "I think this is the best approach" bubble. 

You have the kind of foresight, vision, experience and know-how that helps you reach your goals quickly.


Hive is the catalyst in your business to achieve a tipping point of scalable growth, freedom and success ... on your terms.​​​​​
Working throughout the Customer Lifecycle, we select and implement smart systems to build relationships with your customers and enhance service delivery.
More Qualified Leads
Increase Conversions
to Sales
Expand Revenue
per Client
Deliver a More Remarkable Experience
Improve Customer Lifecycle Efficiency
hive activates the opportunities in your business.

Whether you sell online or face-to-face, there are strategies that offer a smoother​​​​ journey for you as a business owner. 
So, what can Hive offer your business?

More leads and referrals
Deploying highly sophisticated lead capture strategies we focus on generating awareness, interest and action. We then implement the strategies for ongoing nurturing and engagement - which leads to more sales, referrals and positive word of mouth.  
Allow you to work 'on' the business 
Many business owners find themselves doing repetitive tasks because there is 'nobody else to do it'. We implement technologies that create efficiencies and, in fact, deliver far better customer experiences. This leaves business owners with more time to work strategically ‘on’ the business.
Design a client experience that wows
Studies tell us that likelihood of converting an existing customer is 60 – 70%, whereas new prospects are 5 – 20%. And simply increasing retention by 5% can increase profits by 25% to 95%.  So its easy to see that it is mission critical to nurture existing leads and delight existing customers. 
Provide stats and insights for timely decision making 
Bringing together important statistics from your various data sources to a single dashboard, we provide information that aids decision making. These statistics help refine the strategy, improve performance, identify risks and see the opportunities that lie ahead. 
Strategise, launch and manage your online offer 
Whether you need a membership site for your customers, a learning management product, strategic Facebook advertising or the immediacy of Facebook Messenger bots, Hive is at the leading edge of online technologies. More importantly, we have the experience to 'hand select' the ones most applicable to your future success. 
Five strategic heads working on your business
 and ours 
have we mentioned we are all ontraport certified?
Globally, Ontraport Certified Consultants are scarce and in high demand. Each member of our team are Ontraport Certified and have used the application for many years.

Since we each come from different angles, we have used the system across every silo of functionality and implementation - including opt-ins, lead funnels, membership sites, Facebook marketing, systems integrations and custom objects.

Put simply, no other Ontraport consultant in the world offers the breadth of strategic thinking and implementation expertise that Hive offers.  
are you interested in taking your business
to the next level?  well then, lets get started. 
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After we review the 'fit' of your business for Hive's services, we will be in touch to schedule a discovery call with you and our team.
Even if you do not go ahead, this free 45-minute call is not be underestimated. 
You will leave inspired, motivated and full of ideas for breakthrough opportunities in your business.